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The Token Crowdsale
is now completed!

Thank you for joining the process of building a world of freedom for trading.
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Blockchain meets Forex

A brand-new financial trading platform with the blockchain technology.
nami.trade is designed and structured to revolutionize traditional trading platforms, since there are lots of inconvenience with
which the traders have to deal on a daily basis.

There is no freedom
in the old-forex concept

95% failure rate

95% of traders
fail due to
high trading fees

10 years

More than
10 years without
technology updates

0 freedom

No freedom
for any countries
with limited overseas funding

What happened to
the old-forex concept?

Decades have passed since the appearance of Forex, and its movement is slowing down. Dependency, high cost of infrastructures and operations, lots of fees, lack of transparency, etc., in other words, everything that limits you and your trading potential is there, but you can’t just dodge this and carry on without Forex. Therefore, you’re betting your investment on an old-fashioned market.

Old Weak Slow Costly

save your money
enjoy your freedom with nami.trade

new forex still good

but now transparent

and stronger

new forex still good but now transparent and stronger

stronger by blockchain + smart contract

Clean trading fees nami's vision

High liquidity



multi-trading platform

make your profit
with a brand-new Forex concept

the things make it great
a brand-new trading platform by nami

give you freedom in making your investing decisions

accept all cryptocurrencies

What we have achieved!

Token Crowdsale

We implement nami.trade’s vision by launching our token crowdsales for public. Nami Crypto (NAC) - our Tokens are being issued during pre-sales and crowdsales.
NAC will liquidate all the transactions on Blockchain by distributing investor’s transaction data to millions of computers around the world via D-Apps technology, which will help the financial market to be more transparent in terms of volume and frequency of trading operations and will help traders to make more accurate investment decisions.

NAC Mutual Pool for high liquidity


Options (Binary Options)
Spot (Forex, Crypto, Index, Commodity)

NAC Mutual Pool

NAC Liquidity Fund Contributor
Fund Certificate Holders

Transparent Financial Modeling

Proportion of profits
NAC Liquidity Fund Contributors Management NAC Mutual Pool
Capital using
Marketing R&D Salary Office

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Meet Our Great Team

Giap Van Dai

Giap Van Dai has more than 9 years of experience in financial analysis and investment and a deep understanding in technology. That, combined with his great ambition and will power resulted in many successful projects carried out throughout the course of his career, such as those for FPT Group.

Le Duc Long

People find him to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with good communication skills. Now, he is a team leader of Nami Assistant on Facebook Messenger. Nami Assistant success was claimed by over 30,000 users and it has given him a strong motivation that keeps him continuing to develop financial application based on MQL4, SQL, C#, and Nodejs. He is passionate about his job and achieved several awards in the past.

Ho Ban Mai

Graduated from Foreign Trade University with a degrees in External Economics and Business English in 2015. One and a half years’ working experience in Toyota Tsusho Vietnam as a production coordinator and sales person. She used to work in IF24H project in 2015

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

Graduated from Foreign Trade University two years ago, Ngoc Anh is willing to try her hands at diverse fields, especially, international finance and economy analysis, forecasting and consulting. So far, she has 2 years of experience in fundamental, technical analysis, intermediate sentiment analysis to spot the financial investment sector, 1-year experience as a consultor in coffee trading.

Nguyen Minh Chau

Chau’s senior Developer with more than 5 years’ experience with PHP, C#, Python, NodeJS, ReactJS, developing both Frontend and Backend. He’s joined many projects with high concurrency and total number of visits, such as Ngoisao.vn, Xahoi.com.vn, Jamja.vn... Besides Chau has experience in SEO, directly optimize SEO onpage and guide team to SEO content, off page. He always loves to research new technology and study new knowledge.

Duong Van Ngoc

As a talented, high school student, Ngoc won a bronze medal in National Physics Contest for Talent student 2011-2012 and a gold medal in Student Science Contest held by International Academy MICA. Now he wants to make the most of his career as a fintech developer and to be an expert in Nodejs, database Postgresql, Solidity, and Ethereum smart contract. His ambition is to make trading jobs easier and more effective.

Nguyen Duc Trung

Trung is currently working as a developer. He has 3 years’ working experience in the field of Mobile Developer for iOS and Android and 2 years of experience in Back-end Developer for Node Js. In 2013, he achieved Odon Vallet Scholarship and obtained Scholarship for Gifted Talents of Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2017. Trung also won the first prize for research student at MICA in 2016. He considers himself as a person with a good sense of humor and he’s interested in.

Tran Huy Hiep

Since Hiep got the first prize in Creative Information Technology Contest in 2016 at university level, he has been extending his knowledge in Mobile programming focused on Android and React-native. He also has certain achievement in website code based languages like: ReactJS, HTML and CSS, as well as, he’s a professional at database with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

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